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Treestar Farm's Heartbreak Kid *B (F6) [AKA "Mr. Lulu"]

Goat, Mini Nubian, Buck (male) | black, frosted ears, blue eyes

MDGA#  | DOB: 1/15/2021 (Under 1 yr)

Heartbreak Kidz Bandit (F6)

The purebred new kid on the block.

Heartbreak Kidz Bandit (F6)

Mini NubianBuck (male)Black & tan buckskin, frosted ears.
MDGA# MN09828DOB: 1/22/20192 yrs
This guy has it all. He's black & tan with frosted ears and muzzle, white poll and patches on his sides. We're just hoping our new Purebred addition is able to breed this Fall rather than needing to grow a bit more. We have hay bales at the ready! He's also a sweetheart and loves to be around people; we just need to break him of the habit of coming up from behind and walking between our legs before he's so big we're riding him!
 MDGA# MN09828 Black & tan buckskin, frosted ears.
Treestar Clarice of the Polkadot Bow 3*P (F5)

A new generation diva!

Treestar Clarice of the Polkadot Bow 3*P (F5)

Mini NubianDoe (female)tan,black & cream points; blue eyes
MDGA# AMN06610DOB: 1/2/20174 yrs
5th generation doe, 58.52% Nubian/41.48% Nigerian Dwarf.
 MDGA# AMN06610 tan,black & cream points; blue eyes

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Updated 8/24/2021