Treestar Farm

Our Goats Live in the Lap of Luxury

Foundation Mini Nubian Goats - Does

Doe (female)

Name Breed Gender Color Age Price
Noblegold's Annabelle (F3)  Mini Nubian Doe (female) Gold, dk brn/cream points,moonspots 4 yrs Not for Sale
Treestar Mooning Juliet (F1)  Mini Nubian Doe (female) tan w/ brown & white trim 6 yrs Not for Sale


Name Breed Gender Color Age Price
Hootenanny Holler Amazin Grace (F1)  Mini Nubian Doe (female) Black & tan, white side splash. Deceased
Noblegold's Autumn 2*P (F3)   Mini Nubian Doe (female) Black/lt. tan buckskin, white belt Deceased
Papa John's Michigan Snowball (F2)  Mini Nubian Doe (female) black & cream buckskin, white poll Deceased