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I'm on the right with my sister.


Honey S10

Goat, Mini Nubian, Kid (female) | gold, frosted ears, blue eyes

MDGA#  | DOB: 1/23/2024 (Under 1 yr)

Treestar Farm's Romeo Montague *B (F4)

I'm so gorgeous I'm not going anywhere!

Treestar Farm's Romeo Montague *B (F4)

Mini NubianBuck (male)tan roan, blue eyes
MDGA# AMN14184DOB: 1/10/20213 yrs
Plus I have the best milking genetics in the herd.
 MDGA# AMN14184 tan roan, blue eyes
Treestar Honey Sweet Melissa (F4)


Treestar Honey Sweet Melissa (F4)

Mini NubianDoe (female)
DOB: 12/30/20212 yrs
It was a tough decision deciding which of Ginger's triplet girls to retain, and here's the winner!


This beautiful little girl is being sold as a pet at our wether price and should not be bred due to a minor defect of her lower jaw. This does not interfere with nursing, eating, or drinking. She could be registered at MDGA as Experimental, but again, she should not be bred because this defect may be passed on to her kids.

Updated 5/1/2024