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Our 2023/2024 Breeding Plan is up. As soon as pregnancy test results are back. Kidding may be more interesting this year. A great deal of thought went into constructing our breeding plan, and some of our bucks promptly let us know they had other ideas. Between them forcing a gate open and climbing over a barbed wire-wrapped cross brace into the girls' pasture, we could have some surprises. We will undoubtedly be doing some DNA testing this year.

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Everyone starting out needs a goat mentor and we'd love to be yours. Raising goats is a joy despite being a lot of work, and sharing our 18 years of experience with beginners, either during the course of making a sale or through hands on tutoring sessions has been one of the most rewarding parts of our experience.

Treestar Farm is a small (20 acre) family farm started in 2012. We came to Wake Forest with the hope and dream of building a dairy goat business upon a lifelong love of gardening and five years of experience raising meat goats at another, much larger site. We chose Miniature Nubians because of their ideal size for owners of family homesteads, our intended customers. Miniature Nubians are the result of a cross between a standard Nubian dam (mother) and a Nigerian Dwarf sire (father). Their ideal status is twofold: first, the amount of milk produced is adequate to provide for a family's milk, butter, cheese, yogurt, and soap needs without being overwhelming; second, these goats are small enough for one person to handle while performing most tasks involved in their care. This results in flexibility related to keeping small livestock on a homestead and makes having a dairy animal an option for those who cannot or do not wish to deal with standard size goats or a cow.

Our Miniature Nubian goats are regularly tested for CAE, CL, and Johnne's Disease and in 2022 all were cleared either by parentage documentation or testing as being G6S negative. Goats and kids are priced according to sex, age, generation (how many breedings removed from the original Nubian/Nigerian Dwarf cross), and milking status. We offer quality animals at reasonable prices and are completely transparent regarding disease testing, personality, temperament, and milking records of the animals we offer for sale.

Terms of sale may be found under Purchase Terms on animals for sale pages.