Treestar Farm

Our Goats Live in the Lap of Luxury

Mini Nubian Goats for Sale

Kid Wether (male)

Extremely friendly former bottle baby.
Kid Wether (male)Under 1 yrblack & tan

Kid (male)

Looks, milk, personality!
Kid (male)Under 1 yrblack/red buckskin, blue eyes
We call him Evander for obvious reasons.
Kid (male)Under 1 yrblack & tan
Kid (male)Under 1 yrblack & tan, white poll

Kid (female)

Beautiful, friendly former bottle baby.
Kid (female)Under 1 yr
Sleek brown beauty w/ great milk genes.
Kid (female)Under 1 yrdk brn & tan, wht spots, blue eyes
Kid (female)Under 1 yrred, frosted ears & nose, blue eyes

Buck (male)

The purebred new kid on the block.
Buck (male)3 yrsBlack & tan buckskin, frosted ears.
Breeding fee: $100

Doe (female)

Doe (female)8 yrsblack & tan