Treestar Farm

Our Goats Live in the Lap of Luxury

Mini Nubian Goats for Sale

Kid (female)

It's hard to get flashier than me!
Kid (female)Under 1 yrgold w/ moonspots & frosted ears
I'm as pretty as my mom!
Kid (female)Under 1 yrcream & white, blue eyes
I'm for sale as a lovely pet.
Kid (female)Under 1 yrgold, frosted ears, blue eyes
I'm very sweet like my mom.
Kid (female)Under 1 yrcream

Kid (male)

I got my wild coloring from Dad.
Kid (male)Under 1 yr dark buckskin w/ frosted ears
A happy singleton and little bruiser!
Kid (male)Under 1 yrblack&tan, frosted ears, blue eyes
I was the first to go!
Kid (male)Under 1 yrcream, white patch L flank
Moonspots galore!
Kid (male)Under 1 yrblack w/ frosted ears & moonspots
I'm a handsome guy with great milk lines
Kid (male)Under 1 yrgold/white spots L side, blk points
Take a look at my classic coloring.
Kid (male)Under 1 yrGold w/ frosted ears & nose.
I'm so purty, and friendly too!
Kid (male)Under 1 yrgold on white buckskin
So flashy Mom can't describe me! .
Kid (male)Under 1 yr

Buck (male)

Our purebred sweetheart.
Buck (male)5 yrsBlack & tan buckskin, frosted ears.
Breeding fee: $100
Can't get enough of this little booger!
Buck (male)1 yrblk&tan, frstd ears/nose, blue eyes
Looks, milk, personality!
Buck (male)2 yrsblack/red buckskin, blue eyes

Kid Wether (male)

I'm the sweetest little bottle baby.
Kid Wether (male)Under 1 yrGold with frosted ears & nose.
I'm staying with my sister!
Kid Wether (male)Under 1 yrblack & tan

Doe (female)

Doe (female)6 yrsblack w/ red highlights & ears
Ask for Price
Doe (female)4 yrsbrown & tan, white poll/L hind leg