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Mini Nubian Goats Breeding Stock

Doe (female)

The apple of her mother's eye.
Doe (female)8 yrsblack & tan, blue eyes 
Not for Sale
Glamour girl with striking blue eyes.
Doe (female)8 yrsdark brown w/ black trim, blue eyes 
Not for Sale
Aren't I lovely?
Doe (female)1 yrlight brown/white buckskin
Doe (female)4 yrsgolden red, frosted ears, blue eyes
Not for Sale
Our Beauty Queen
Doe (female)7 yrsLight red, black & cream points. 
Not for Sale
She is finally back home!
Doe (female)5 yrsblack w/ red highlights & ears
Not for Sale
The total package so I'm staying put!
Doe (female)3 yrsbrown & tan, white poll/L hind leg
A phenomenal milker!
Doe (female)6 yrsblack & tan,tan ears, white on poll 
Not for Sale