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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Down Home at TreeStar Farm

This blog is named in honor of my parents, who moved from suburban Detroit to rural Howell, MI in 1977 when they were about the same age I was when I started my farm--mid-50s. They bought 5 acres of land with a huge barn and a 150 year old farmhouse on it, which they proceeded to gut and refurbish, all while putting four children though college. I learned about raising chickens and many other things from their experience.

I was jealous at the time because while I was slogging through college and medical school, they were living my dream. Later I was able to be grateful that I got to share it with them, and to know that my opportunity would come when the time was right.

For about a year Dad put together a newsletter that he sent out periodically to us kids and probably some other relatives. This was pre-internet, so it was typed out, copied, and sent out via snail mail. He called it Down Home and it was a wonderful way to share the daily ups and downs, the joys and problems that went along with rural living. I loved it and was crushed when he stopped putting it out.

Here's to you Mom and Dad.