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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Our First Kid of 2016!

Our first kid arrived here at TreeStar Farm on January 20th.

We're beginning to think there might be something to this planned breeding of goats and keeping track of dates (as opposed to just running a buck with the girls and saying "yippee" whenever babies arrive). That afternoon Sara wouldn't join the rest of the herd when they moved away from the barn to a nice, tasty, new round bale of hay in the back pasture. Then she had something that looked suspiciously like a contraction. After some quick math on fingers, we put her in the kidding pen and ran inside to check dates. Turns out if she conceived the first day she was with Frankie, today would be Day #150 (her due date)! About an hour later she presented us with our first kid of the season, a solid white blue eyed doeling.

We usually don't name goats unless we know they will be retained, but this one was practically broadcasting what her name should be: Pinkie. Sara is our one unregistered goat, a Saanen, and Pinkie's sire is a Mini Nubian, making her a Mini Snubian (at least in this household).

I'm still saying yippee!