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The PVC Queen

A gallery of projects using our favorite construction material--PVC pipe.

Starting with the simplest project, thin walled PVC pipe slit lengthwise and slipped over the top strand of fence barbed wire in order to protect your arm when loading the hay feeder on the other side.








Still pretty simple--feeding troughs.  Here our 2015 babies are enjoying their creep feeder.





Next one is a little more complex, but fun because you get to use a bunch of different fittings to make this chicken drainer/holder for bagging.








We made this one to hold six chickens because that's about how many we can process in a batch from start to finish.





This is the first fairly complex project Lisa designed, a heat lamp holder for our chick brooder.  If you would like plans and instructions, email us for a copy.



















Updated January 18, 2018