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Due/Kidded Date

 Doeling  Buckling 



Dolly *P (F1)
Boyfriend *B (F2) 1/10/21 $400/F2 $375/F2 (*B)

      1 buckling reserved

Wilhelmina (F1) Li'l Squirt (F2)
4/20/21 $375/F2 $325/F2  


Hope (F2) [???] Camo (F4) Not Bred $400/F3 $350/F3                 Not Bred
Carmella (F2)
Li'l Squirt (F2)
1/18/21 $425/F3 $375/F3


Penelope *P (F2) Li'l Squirt (F2) 1/18/21 $450/F3 $400/F3         1 doeling reserved          

Autumn 2*P (F3)
 Camo (F4)  4/6/21  $475/F4


 Phoebe *P (F3) Golden Boy *B (F4)
12/31/20 $500/F4  $475/F4 (*B)

        1 doeling reserved


 Ginger *P (F3) Golden Boy *B (F4)
1/11/21 $500/F4 $475/F4 (*B)

1 doeling reserved

1 buckling reserved

 Christabel 2*P (F4) 
Golden Boy *B (F4)
12/23/20 $550/F5 $525/F5 (*B)

1 doeling reserved

 Olivia 2*P (F4)) Golden Boy *B (F4)


$550/F5 $525/F5 (*B)


Willow 3*P (F5) Bandit (F6)  1/17/21 $575/F6 $525/F6 (*B) 1 doeling reserved
 Clarice 3*P (F5) 
Bandit (F6)
1/17/21 $575/F6

$525/F6 (*B)

1 doeling reserved
 Rose (F5) [???] Hobbes Jr. (F5) Not Bred   $550/F6 $500/F6
Not Bred 


To see pictures of parents, click on their names in blue to be taken to their individual pages.

Wethers may be priced lower than intact bucklings but will only be available at seller's discretion.

Please see Animals page and 2020/2021 Kids page for more pictures.

???  Unless our two first fresheners have growth spurts soon, they will not be large enough to breed this year.

Updated December 02, 2020