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Our Original Herd Sire

Whispering Pines Star's Liam (F4)

Goat, Mini Nubian, Buck (male) | black/white belly splash/blue eyes

MDGA# AMN05345, TMGR# BN00185 | DOB: 2/5/2014

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Liam is included here as a reference sire as he is no longer with us. He is a 54.49% Nubian/45.51% Nigerian Dwarf 4th generation buck. He was our herd sire for three years and moved on after the last breeding season. We retained one of his bucklings and three doelings from 2016, who hopefully will pass along his laid back nature and of course those gorgeous blue eyes. Liam is dual registered with both TMGR and MDGA.

Updated 1/31/2021