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Marigold Mini Phoebe *P (F3)Bred

Goat, Mini Nubian, Doe (female) | black & tan

MDGA# XN04515* | DOB: 1/11/2014 (8 yrs) (Due Date: 1/12/2019)

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Service Sire:
Celia Creek Handsome Hobbes (F5)

A Gentle Giant (among minis).

Celia Creek Handsome Hobbes (F5)

Mini NubianBuck (male)Brown, black & cream points.
MDGA# AMN08466DOB: 3/15/20175 yrs
Hobbes is a big ole sweetheart. He is friendly and easy to handle but not overly so. We are retaining one of his sons from this year and letting Hobbes move on to make room for him.
 MDGA# AMN08466 Brown, black & cream points.


Phoebe is a 63.12% Nubian/36.88% Nigerian Dwarf 3rd generation doe. Although we have not started formal milk production testing, Phoebe easily outdid my other first fresheners by providing up to three pints of milk in a morning milking session, all while feeding twin doelings. We retained one of those doelings, Cristabel.

Updated 6/19/2022