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Sweetheart who has a Milking Star too!

HeartBreak Kidz Camelot *B ("Boyfriend" F2)

Goat, Mini Nubian, Buck (male) | chocolate & tan buckskin

MDGA# XN05427 | DOB: 1/14/2015 (9 yrs)

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I call this guy Boyfriend because I chose him to breed four of my 10 does this year. He did his job well because all are pregnant and besides, he is a sweetheart. Boyfriend is a 53.66% Nubian/46.34% Nigerian Dwarf second generation Mini Nubian who has an inherited milk star.

Updated 1/5/2022


Mini Nubian Buck
Buck (male)4 yrsbuckskin: white patch on left side
Doe (female)5 yrsgolden red, frosted ears, blue eyes
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