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Our inquisitive Li'l Squirt.

Treestar Michigan Blizzard (AKA Li'l Squirt F2)

Goat, Mini Nubian, Buck (male) | Black & white buckskin/frosted ears

MDGA# XN08467 | DOB: 1/22/2018 (6 yrs)

Polka Stripe Farm Aachen +B (F6)

Now gone but leaves a legacy.

Polka Stripe Farm Aachen +B (F6)

Mini NubianBuck (male)Tricolor w/ frosted ears & muzzle.
MDGA# MN04571DOB: 3/25/20158 yrs
Aachen has moved on after three successful breeding seasons with us so his information is here for reference. He is a 57.45% Nubian/42.55% Purebred Miniature Nubian who earned his milking award through four of his daughters.
 MDGA# MN04571 Tricolor w/ frosted ears & muzzle.
Papa John's Michigan Snowball (F2)

RIP our blue eyed diva.

Papa John's Michigan Snowball (F2)

Mini NubianDoe (female)black & cream buckskin, white poll
MDGA# XN04516DOB: 2/3/1980
Snowball is now included for reference. She passed away six days after kidding in 2018 as a result of pregnancy complications.
 MDGA# XN04516 black & cream buckskin, white poll

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Li'l Squirt carries possibly the best combination of milking genes in our buck herd but also has airplane ears. We've worked with this to produce steadily improving ears in his offspring and are happy with the results. Also, he was a bottle baby who fortunately turned out to be very friendly but not TOO friendly, so he is a pleasure to work with.

Updated 1/31/2021