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I'm so gorgeous I'm not going anywhere!

Treestar Farm's Romeo Montague *B (F4)

Goat, Mini Nubian, Buck (male) | tan roan, blue eyes

MDGA#  | DOB: 1/10/2021 (3 yrs)

Treestar Golden Boy *B (F4)

Great looks and a milking star to boot!

Treestar Golden Boy *B (F4)

Mini NubianBuck (male)black & tan buckskin, blue eyes
MDGA# AMN10344DOB: 3/12/20194 yrs
Handsome F4 buckling who will inherit a milking star when all the paperwork is done. All the work was worth it!
 MDGA# AMN10344 black & tan buckskin, blue eyes
Treestar Ginger *P (F3)

Our Beauty Queen

Treestar Ginger *P (F3)

Mini NubianDoe (female)Light red, black & cream points.
MDGA# AMN06018DOB: 4/25/20167 yrs
In addition to being a phenomenal milker with a sweet disposition (some would even make dumb blonde references), Ginger is our most well-traveled doe. She was conceived here and moved to Michigan when we reluctantly sold her pregnant dam. Two years later, after much groveling and begging, her owner consented to sell Ginger back to me where she promptly earned her own milking star and contributed to her sire earning his milk award.
 MDGA# AMN06018 Light red, black & cream points.

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Plus I have the best milking genetics in the herd.

Updated 7/28/2022


I was the first to go!
Kid (male)Under 1 yrcream, white patch L flank
I'm as pretty as my mom!
Kid (female)Under 1 yrcream & white, blue eyes
I'm staying with my sister!
Kid Wether (male)Under 1 yrblack & tan