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TreestarFarm Ears Lookin at you Kid *B (AKA Bogie) (F6)

Goat, Mini Nubian, Buck (male) | black & tan, white poll

MDGA#  | DOB: 3/12/2022 (2 yrs)

Heartbreak Kidz Bandit (F6)

Our purebred sweetheart.

Heartbreak Kidz Bandit (F6)

Mini NubianBuck (male)Black & tan buckskin, frosted ears.
MDGA# MN09828DOB: 1/22/20195 yrs
This guy has it all. He's black & tan with frosted ears and muzzle, white poll and patches on his sides. He's a sweetheart and loves to be around people; we just need to break him of the habit of coming up from behind and walking between our legs before he's so big we're riding him! Bandit has sired many lovely kids for us and for customers using his stud services, contributing to inherited milking stars for his sons by way of his mother's star. We are retaining at least one and probably two of his sons in order to allow Bandit to seek new adventures in new pastures.
 MDGA# MN09828 Black & tan buckskin, frosted ears.
Treestar Whispering Willow 3*P (F5)

A phenomenal milker!

Treestar Whispering Willow 3*P (F5)

Mini NubianDoe (female)black & tan,tan ears, white on poll
MDGA# AMN06611DOB: 1/2/20177 yrs
Willow is a 5th generation doe, 58.52% Nubian/41.48% Nigerian Dwarf. Apparently she didn't want to wait and got into our newest F5 buck's pen while he and his brother were still in quarantine (all testing turned out negative) and presented us with our first Purebred kid, a lovely doeling! On top of that she is gunning to replace her grand dam as our best milker.
 MDGA# AMN06611 black & tan,tan ears, white on poll


This 56.21% Nubian/ 43.79% Nigerian Dwarf purebred buckling is the total package. He has a lovely silhouette, black and tan coloring with a sleek shiny coat, ears that go on forever, and a 3*P dam with the best udder in our herd. Between this and his sire's *P dam he will inherit his own *B milking star. He'll do a great job as your new herdsire.

Updated 11/20/2023