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I'm so purty, and friendly too!

Rose S8 (F3)

Goat, Mini Nubian, Kid Wether (male) | gold on white buckskin

MDGA#  | DOB: 1/18/2024 (Under 1 yr)

Treestar Michigan Blizzard (AKA Li'l Squirt F2)

Our inquisitive Li'l Squirt.

Treestar Michigan Blizzard (AKA Li'l Squirt F2)

Mini NubianBuck (male)Black & white buckskin/frosted ears
MDGA# XN08467DOB: 1/22/20186 yrs
Li'l Squirt carries possibly the best combination of milking genes in our buck herd but also has airplane ears. We've worked with this to produce steadily improving ears in his offspring and are happy with the results. Also, he was a bottle baby who fortunately turned out to be very friendly but not TOO friendly, so he is a pleasure to work with.
 MDGA# XN08467 Black & white buckskin/frosted ears
Treestar Rambling Rose 3*P (F5)


Treestar Rambling Rose 3*P (F5)

Mini NubianDoe (female)brown & tan, white poll/L hind leg
MDGA# AMN11071DOB: 2/5/20204 yrs
 MDGA# AMN11071 brown & tan, white poll/L hind leg


DNA test for parentage is pending, but we strongly suspect this little guy's coloring will change to resemble our black on white buckskin Li'l Squirt, because he looks just like this buck did as a kid. Addendum: Yup, Li'l Squirt (Treestar Michigan Blizzard) is the sire of this little guy and his triplet brothers.

Updated 4/10/2024