Treestar Farm

Our Goats Live in the Lap of Luxury

Foundation Mini Nubian Goats

Buck (male)

Name Breed Gender Color Age Price
Celia Creek Handsome Hobbes (F5) Mini Nubian Buck (male) Brown, black & cream points. 7 yrs Not for Sale
Treestar Doe Boy Willem (F4) Mini Nubian Buck (male) Black & tan,white belly, blue eyes 8 yrs Not for Sale
Treestar Farm's Heartbreak Kid *B (F6) [AKA "Mr. Lulu"] Mini Nubian Buck (male) black, frosted ears, blue eyes 3 yrs Not for Sale
Treestar Golden Boy *B (F4) Mini Nubian Buck (male) black & tan buckskin, blue eyes 5 yrs Not for Sale
Treestar Handsome Hobbes Jr. (F5) Mini Nubian Buck (male) brown w/ black points, blue eyes 4 yrs Not for Sale
Treestar's Chairman of the Board Frank (F2) Mini Nubian Buck (male) black&white sandgau/frosted ears 9 yrs Not for Sale

Doe (female)

Name Breed Gender Color Age Price
Noblegold's Annabelle (F3)  Mini Nubian Doe (female) Gold, dk brn/cream points,moonspots 7 yrs Not for Sale
Treestar Amazin' Penelope *P (F2)  Mini Nubian Doe (female) Black & white, brown roan tricolor. 8 yrs Not for Sale
Treestar Clarice of the Polkadot Bow 3*P (F5)  Mini Nubian Doe (female) tan,black & cream points; blue eyes 7 yrs Not for Sale
Treestar Mooning Juliet (F1)  Mini Nubian Doe (female) tan w/ brown & white trim 9 yrs Not for Sale
Treestar Ole Blue Eyes' Carmella (F2)  Mini Nubian Doe (female) Black & tan buckskin. 8 yrs Not for Sale
Treestar Olivia 2*P (F4)  Mini Nubian Doe (female) black&tan,white spots on belly&feet 6 yrs Not for Sale


Name Breed Gender Color Age Price
Hootenanny Holler Amazin Grace (F1)  Mini Nubian Doe (female) Black & tan, white side splash. Deceased
Noblegold's Autumn 2*P (F3)   Mini Nubian Doe (female) Black/lt. tan buckskin, white belt Deceased
Papa John's Michigan Snowball (F2)  Mini Nubian Doe (female) black & cream buckskin, white poll Deceased
Polka Stripe Farm Aachen +B (F6)  Mini Nubian Buck (male) Tricolor w/ frosted ears & muzzle. Deceased
Treestar Wilhelmina (F1)   Mini Nubian Doe (female) brown w/ dark brown & cream points Deceased
Whispering Pines Star's Liam (F4)  Mini Nubian Buck (male) black/white belly splash/blue eyes Deceased