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This is future herdsire Evander.

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2022 Starter Herd

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$1,500 Price for all four kids. Inquire about this package >

Two doelings, one buckling and a wether to get you started with your new herd. All breeding animals come from excellent milking lines, details of which you can see on their individual pages. They are all 4 - 5 months old and are once again available after their original sale fell through due to life changes for the original buyer, not reasons related to the animals. We have two other intact bucklings, both with inherited milking stars, that could be substituted.

All of our kids are disbudded and have had their first two CDT vaccinations. Our herd is tested regularly for CAE, Johnes, and CL and is clean. All kids are G6S negative by parentage. We would be happy to provide documentation of all testing.

Terms of sale may be found under Purchase Terms on animals for sale pages.

Animals Included in Package

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Sleek brown beauty w/ great milk genes.
Mini NubianKid (female)dk brn & tan, wht spots, blue eyes | MDGA# registrableUnder 1 yr

This little girl has a great milking pedigree on both sides. Her dam is Treestar Dolly of Green Gables *P, and her sire is Treestar Michigan Blizzard (AKA Li'l Squirt). Li'l Squirt's dam was my best...

Beautiful, friendly former bottle baby.
Mini NubianKid (female) | MDGA# registrableUnder 1 yr

This little lady is not only lovely but also brings an excellent milking pedigree. Her dam earned a 3*P and her sire's dam also has a *P. She already sneaks up on the milk stand, but we think it's f...

Extremely friendly former bottle baby.
Mini NubianKid Wether (male)black & tan | MDGA# registrableUnder 1 yr

Big Brother got his name from his twin brother who weighed four pounds at birth and was called Tiny. BB will be a devoted friend to you and your herd and a delight to have around....

We call him Evander for obvious reasons.
Mini NubianKid (male)black & tan | MDGA# registrableUnder 1 yr