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Foundation Mini Nubian Goats - Does

Doe (female)

Our flashy little girl has moved on.
Mini NubianDoe (female)Gold, dk brn/cream points,moonspots | MDGA# AMN080374 yrs 

Not for Sale
Our beautiful little girl all grown up.
Mini NubianDoe (female)tan w/ brown & white trim | MDGA# XN053496 yrs 

Juliet is a 77.25% Nubian/22.75% Nigerian Dwarf 1st generation doe. She shows many strong breed characteristics and has a very sweet disposition. MDGA registered....

Not for Sale


RIP sweet baby girl.
Mini NubianDoe (female)Black & tan, white side splash. | MDGA# XN03907 

Grace was named appropriately. She is a 75% Nubian/25% Nigerian Dwarf, 1st generation doe and so has more of the svelte Nubian look about her and everything she does seems dainty and delicate. As a ...

We miss you baby girl.
Mini NubianDoe (female)Black/lt. tan buckskin, white belt | MDGA# AMN08038  

RIP our blue eyed diva.
Mini NubianDoe (female)black & cream buckskin, white poll | MDGA# XN04516 

Snowball is now included for reference. She passed away six days after kidding in 2018 as a result of pregnancy complications....